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#DeleteCoinbase the most critical thing going on right now

Let's face it, the internet has been disastrous for the surveillance capabilities it has opened up to corrupt authority around the globe. This is not because of the design of it, but because everyone chooses to do all their "private" communication through facebook messenger, gmail, or some other pretend "free" service.

The future where bitcoin use is ubiquitous, but nearly everyone you know uses (and moreover expects you to use) companies like Coinbase who's product will switch from selling exchange services to surveillance is a 100% disaster.

They will build regulatory moats the likes of which don't even exist in email making the problem FAR worse and they will allow people to deposit, withdraw and trade for less than anyone else, or even free because that will no longer be how they make their money thus killing all their competition.

Their profit will come almost entirely from data selling, or advertising (which of course will be targeted, based on your data, given away disrespectfully).

Nothing is more important in this space than destroying companies who's businesses rely on such evil practices. They must be destroyed because if they exist, people will use them as convenience trumps liberty for almost everyone. This is 1000x more important than them supporting 2x, mETH, ripple, bcash or any other scam coin or HF/corporate take over attempt. Those all have the option of failing in the market place. But the monitoring of the on and off ramps away from fiat currency will define the future of the world profoundly. What is most convenient will be what remains.

From the bottom of my heart and from every not-just-here-to-get-rich cypherpunk left in this space:

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